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By Dhwani Chawda

How to Start a Small Ice Cream Business?

India is a land that has tropical weather; and the summers are known to be the longest weather in this country. Hence food businesses like the Ice Cream business seems to be the most fruit full. Ice cream parlor business has seen some rapid innovation, over the past couple years. The roadside ice cream carts were common in the earlier times, most amongst children and youngsters. Nowadays, the ice cream shops have fast gaining popularity so that people can enjoy ice cream at leisure. The reason behind this trend is very clear – Firstly, the rising disposable income of middle-class family and secondly, the western culture that has been very influencing our consumer habits. These and factors are the main reason to make the ice cream business profitable in present times.

We will take guide you on how to start an ice cream parlour in this particular article. Just like other formats, the market is a very cornered for this particular product. However by careful measures and getting certain things right, you can develop your ice cream business in a major success.

How to Start a Small Ice Cream Business

A guide on how to start an ice cream parlor business.

Deciding the Format

In the present period there are a lot of ice cream optionslike cold stone, ice cream cakes, Nitrogen ice cream,Ice cream rolls,pre-packed ice cream counters, live ice cream counters and many more. The first step is choosing which type of ice cream parlor you wish to open. A profitable business model like Ice Cream Delivery- Food delivery has become quite popular these days. To keep the ice cream chilled and solid for a decent amount of time keep it in dried ice, which will prevent spoiling. One can get three layers of dry ice for around30 rupees per day.

Investments & Area Required Opening an Ice Cream Parlor

An ice cream parlour requires a 400 to500 SqFt carpet area on an average to start a shop or a small food truck that has all the necessary things for refrigeration. The average investment required depends upon the ambiance and sitting area you want to create. Much higher amount is required for high-end ice cream parlours.

Deciding the Location of the Ice Cream Parlor

A proper market research should be done before choosing the location for starting an ice cream parlour. Unlike another form of food, eating ice-cream is not a necessity, but it is more of enjoyment and fashion in the crowd.

The availability of the parking space is extremely important when an ice cream parlour needs to be open.

Procurement of Store types of equipment With Respect to the Menu

List down the number of items you want to sell at your store after the format and location are decided.What all kitchen equipment are needed to procure should be decided based on the menu, and then the list is divided into two parts. First which items should be bought new other that is used or old.

Maintaining Consistency in Ice Cream Parlor Business

The main thing that needs to be maintained when a new ice cream shop or food shop is being started is that the consistency should be maintained. Not only in the taste but also in the service, ambience. If or not you have a chain of outlets, always ensure that the taste is maintained everywhere. A Standardization of recipes needs to be maintained in all the chains or outlets to gain and maintain the equal amount of customers and popularity.

Licensing and Paperwork Needed to Open an Ice Cream Parlor

As ice cream comes under thecategory of food, all the licenses that are required and essential are very similar to Shop establishment licenses, FSSAI licenses, Local Municipal Authority license and Fire license. It is quite essential to maintain all the paper work done properly and to renew the licences on timely bases.